“Two of the most skilful and uninhibited keyboardists I have heard”
-Lawrence Jones, Professor Emeritus.  Brandon School of Music

Two Piano Tornado is an unpredictable vortex that will pick the listener up and deposit them in another realm, surrounding them with swirling riffs improvised completely from what they hear in each other’s playing.

Never the same, always changing direction, and always spinning through both standard and original tunes, Annie Avery and Grant Simpson are a true force of nature.

From the comment book at our shows!

“Very fun, amazing concert – good laughs and great music. Thanks !”

“So upbeat – a fabulous fun evening !!”

“Wonderful fun….amazing music…..shouldn’t be missed”

“Absolutely amazing ! The pure joy these musicians display as they play makes the music twice as enjoyable !”

“The most amazing 16 fingers and 4 thumbs I have seen in action !! Fantastic performance.”

“The music seemed to flow so effortlessly !”

“Whirlwind of great entertainment.”

“So worth missing Coronation Street and Chicago PD !”

“Great music, great energy, to go with amazing stories.”

“That’s the thing about music – when it hits, you feel no pain. Thanks for a wonderful music and humour filled evening.”

“My first time at Home Routes and I’m sold. You’ve set the bar very high. You’re both entirely memorable !”

“Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us. This was the most enjoyable group !!”

“Wow, you guys rock ! Hope to see you again, somewhere, sometime.”

“After having kind of a downer day, I spent two solid hours with you with a giant smile on my face !
Thank you for brightening my day !”

Are you ready for the ride ?