A Ragtime Revue!

Grant and Annie take their listeners through the golden years of Ragtime from 1895 – 1925.  Songs like “Everything in Canada is Ragtime” to “Living a Ragtime Life”.   Not only focused on ragtime, but also the many interesting aspects of the social and cultural history of the Country as ragtime swept across the country with syncopated madness.

A Ragtime Revue is full of fun, history, humor and fabulous music.  Just look at what people say about it!

Very fun, amazing concert – good laughs and great music. Thanks !
So upbeat – a fabulous fun evening !!
Wonderful fun….amazing music…..shouldn’t be missed
Absolutely amazing ! The pure joy these musicians display as they play makes the music twice as enjoyable !
The music seemed to flow so effortlessly !
Whirlwind of great entertainment.
So worth missing Coronation Street and Chicago PD !
Great music, great energy, to go with amazing stories.
That’s the thing about music – when it hits, you feel no pain. Thanks for a wonderful music and humour filled evening.
Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us. This was the most enjoyable group !!
Wow, you guys rock ! Hope to see you again, somewhere, sometime.
After having kind of a downer day, I spent two solid hours with you with a giant smile on my face !
Thank you for brightening my day !